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Advanced Art Unit 1 (Pace 97)

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ACE High School Advanced Art has an emphasis on the symbols, shapes, observation and perspective, light and shade, variety and mood, color, the drawing of people and clothes, landscapes, lettering, and layouts. This unit is one in a series of twelve units that make up the Advanced Art course and is an introduction to tools of art: the pencil, pen and ink, and paints. Throughout the twelve Advanced Art Paces your student will: study an introduction to the tools of art: the pencil, pen and ink, and paints. Learn the principles of design: symbols, rhythm, shapes, and awareness. Investigate the hue, value, intensity, and proportion of color, and paint in color. Design clothing, draperies, still figures, and figures in motion. Learn about observation, point of view, perspectives, and light and shade. Examine chalk talks (materials, setup, tools for success) and generate a program. Discover lettering, layouts, spacing, and other techniques designed to help the student integrate the learned material.