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Algebra I Unit 10 (Pace 1106)

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In Algebra I Unit 10, students will learn solve word problems involving averages, percents, interest, perimeter, area and volume of geometric figures, monetary value, two-digit numerals, and bodies in motion. The character trait is temperance. This unit is one unit in a series of twelve colorful independent study mastery-based units of instruction and includes direct instruction to the student as well as all necessary quizzes and tests. Throughout the twelve Algebra I Paces your student will: Learn basic algebraic concepts (definitions, signs, and expressions), introduced in a carefully structured way to make the learning material understandable. Learn principles for logically solving, transposing, and canceling algebraic equations. Work with monomial and polynomial expressions. Work with algebraic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Work with complex fractions: reducing, simplifying, and solving word problems. Learn algebraic graphing-linear equations, consistent, inconsistent, and dependent in word problems. Encounter quadratic equations, factoring, positive and negative numbers, averages, percents, interest, ratios, and proportions, and translate word problems to algebraic equations. Learn and implement the Pythagorean theorem. *Twelve DVDs reinforce this course.