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Beginning Art Unit 12 (Pace 84)

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In ACE Beginning Art Paces, your student is introduced to the world of art and its many techniques: the tools of art, shapes, line variation, and shading, texture, the color wheel, landscapes, head shapes, focal points, perspective, flannel boards, and lettering. Intended to give students a good understanding of the concepts of art. This unit is one in a series of twelve units that make up the Beginning Art course and is a study of bulletin-board decoration, reverse painting, silhouettes on glass, and mosaics. Throughout the Beginning Art Paces (for junior high to high school students) your student will: reproduce a number of illustrations in the course using pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, watercolor, tempera, and sample the art of lettering. Paint a color wheel, identify warm and cool colors and mixtures, use opposites on the color wheel successfully, and mix colors to obtain the color needed. Study line variation, design, and shape, and use shading for depth and perspective. Draw various textures effectively. Learn to create well-balanced indoor and outdoor scenes, landscapes, and interiors. Use stick figures to show action, indicate mood with facial expressions, and draw simple cartoons. Understand how to make a flannel board, creates flannelgraph backgrounds and story materials, and makes posters.