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Bridgeway English Book 1 Focus on Grammar

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This remedial English course is a skills development course designed for students who need help with grammar, with writing, with usage, and with skills required for the realities of life. Written in a step by step fashion with each skill building on the one prior, it just makes sense.  And it shows.  Kids are learning and succeeding, developing a confidence in their English abilities, scoring above average on standardized tests, and finding the desire to take another English course. That is when you know that you have a good course! If you need a review of English or a remedial English course, check out Bridgeway English. The first in a two part series, Bridgeway English: Focus on Grammar prepares students for Bridgeway English 2 and ultimately, higher levels of English. The course covers; subject and predicate, fours types of sentences, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, compound sentences, noun functions, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and prepositional phrases, conjunctions, interjections, and grammar review.