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6th Grade Math Pace Set

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The ACE Math Pace Set includes all 6th grade Math Paces (1061-1072). In these Paces your student will:Learn the properties of addition and multiplication„commutative, associative, identity, and zero. Work with exponents and be introduced to expanded notation using exponents. Round and estimate large numbers and work mental estimation problems. Learn factoring rules (divisibility rules); identify prime numbers and composite numbers. Review fractions and fraction terms; add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions; change fractions to decimals using long division; and convert fractions to percents. Review decimals; add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals; define repeating and terminating decimals; and change decimals to percents. Relate percents and decimals to fractions, learn common percents, change percents to decimals, and find percent of a number. Be introduced to integers. Learn order of operation. Learn the terms equations and inequalities when comparing number sentences (<, >, =). Define a variable and solve equations (one variable) using inverse operations. Work with ratios and proportions, and use proportions to solve problems. Find the probability of an event, and express probability as a ratio. Use critical thinking skills to solve word problems. Define and interpret circle, line, bar, and double-line graphs. Build geometric knowledge; measure angles; find the perimeter, area, and volume; and define the parts of a circle. Round money to find estimated costs and solve money problems. Compare English and metric measurements, and carry out conversions.