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Math Unit 4 (Pace 1004)

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In ACE Math Unit 4 (Pace 1004), students will learn basics of math as well as be introduced to Scripture and a corresponding character trait. Scripture verse: I Timothy 6:20. Keep that which is committed. Character Trait: Learning how to be Dependable. This pace is one of twelve. Throughout the twelve Math Paces your student will: Review and learn numbers in symbol, name, and number words from zero to ten. Count and write from zero to one hundred. Solve simple addition, subtraction, and word problems. Learn to tell time. Learn the concept of money and counting coins with pennies, nickels, and dimes. Review length comparison: longer and shorter. Learn liquid measurements: cups, pints, and quarts. Review recognition of basic shapes. Review order of numbers: before, between, after; and contrasting numbers-same, not the same, more than, and less than.