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Word Building Unit 4 (Pace 1088)

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In ACE Word Building Unit 4 (Pace 1088), students will learn the long and short sounds of o, rules for adding suffixes, to form adjectives from verbs by adding the suffixes -able and -ible, and to spell words that are often misspelled. The character trait is forgiveness. Word Building presents spelling from a phonetic approach and includes the rules of phonics, vocabulary definitions, and daily practice activities. This unit is one unit in a series of twelve colorful independent study mastery-based units of instruction and includes direct instruction to the student as well as all necessary quizzes and tests. Throughout the twelve Word Building Paces your student will: Expand knowledge and use of phonics rules-vowel sounds and spelling; and special sound consonants s, c, j, g, and k. Learn the semaphore alphabet code. Increase his understanding of grammar-verb forms, tenses, nouns, and plurals. Write about the character traits taught through concept examples in each PACE.