A student who needs to hear or try something several times before she is able to grasp it will need a mastery curriculum with a lot of repetition and review, while a student who seems to “get it” right away should focus on a curriculum that provides ample opportunity for critical thinking.

  • Does your child love to get dirty and explore the world around him?
  • Is she a child who loves to sit down and listen as you read a story?
  • Is he an analytical thinker, who tends to question what is happening around him?
  • Is she one who can connect events and experiences to lessons in life?
  • Does he seem to thrive when able to create with his hands?
  • Does she naturally “get it” the first time she hears it?

These kinds of questions can help to define the best kind of learning approach for your child. A hands-on learner will not be content to sit and fill out worksheets or listen to you explain concepts. A student who has strong auditory skills will thrive with a curriculum that uses interesting stories to teach about history, science or literature.

But don’t let this stress you out! The dedicated Curriculum Express staff has an extensive knowledge of the particulars of the curriculum they carry, and can provide guidance in making a course selection. Call us now at 800.685.3357 for help choosing the perfect curriculum. 

Not sure about your child’s learning style? Click here to take the Learning Style Assessment from our sister company, Bridgeway Academy.

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