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How do children best learn to spell? Research says it takes more than just rote memorization and drill. Activities with a purpose are the key! And what better purpose than learning Scripture values?

Scripture Verses & Values

Every weekly lesson begins with a story — a contemporary theme story that develops key principles found in that week’s Scripture verse. Daily lessons continue to build on this theme and help make learning to spell FUN! In addition, A Reason For Spelling® encourages regular personal writing activities in a values-based setting. This gives children a meaningful context for focusing on correct spelling.

Classroom-Tested Research

A Reason For Spelling® combines the latest research on how children learn to spell with all the strengths of traditional programs. It integrates spelling with reading, writing, and language arts, while teaching children all the high-frequency base words, plus hundreds of other word forms as well! 

A Reason For Spelling® covers six grade levels, with over 200 pages of learning activities in each student workbook. In addition, detailed Teacher Guidebooks provide a wealth of enrichment ideas!

Mastery-Based Learning

A Reason For Spelling® incorporates a variety of successful teaching techniques: daily practice, self-correction, visual imaging, detailed student feedback, learning games, the test/study/test sequence, and much more. It also includes special activities in every lesson to help motivate visual, auditory, tactile, and multi-faceted learners.

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