8th Grade Pre-Algebra Textbook Kit from BJU Press


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Pre-Algebra (2nd Edition) from BJU Press eases your eighth-grader’s transition from arithmetic to algebra.

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Does the word algebra sound scary? Are you or your child wondering how relevant it really is? Pre-Algebra (2nd Edition) from BJU Press eases the transition from arithmetic to algebra.

Algebraic expressions and linear equations are applied throughout a thorough review of operations on integers, fractions, decimals, percents, and radicals. Students explore relations and functions using equations, tables, and graphs. Chapters on statistics and geometry extend foundational concepts in preparation for high school courses. Problem-solving and real-life uses of math are featured in each chapter. Dominion through Math exercises regularly illustrate how mathematics can be used to manage God’s creation to His glory.

Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s Edition with CD (2 volumes)
    • Student pages with overprint answers
    • Presentation suggestions
    • Additional problems
    • One-on-one activities
    • Common student errors
    • Complete solutions for exercises
    • Suggested schedule and assignments to accommodate minimum, standard and extended tracks
    • Transparency Ready Answers
    • Mathardy (Review Game)
    • Visuals
  • Student Text
    • Dominion Through Math exercises illustrate how mathematics can be used to steward God’s creation for His glory
    • Problem Solving questions promote critical-thinking skills and different problem-solving strategies
    • Math-in-Use studies feature Bible characters, mathematicians, scientists, and artists
    • Math and Scripture features highlight mathematical applications in God’s Word
    • A Chapter Review includes vocabulary review and exercises
    • An expanded cumulative review
    • Expanded explanations with numerous examples
    • Skill Check questions provide immediate feedback
    • Extended problem sets of three difficulty levels (A, B, and C) allow for customized assignments
  • Student Activities
  • Student Activities Answer Key with CD
  • Tests
  • Tests Answer Key

Prepare your child for the future now with Pre-Algebra (2nd Edition) from BJU Press, Order today from Curriculum Express!

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