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The Discover! Kindergarten program engages students in four core subjects—science, math, social studies, and reading—through hands-on learning. 

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Kindergarten — a time filled with curiosity, fun, and incredible learning. It’s the year that sets the tone for your child’s upcoming school years and often defines what “learning” means. It’s about more than just reading and writing — it’s about discovery, confidence, exploration, and excitement. This program provides a solid foundation for your child while also helping them develop a love for learning that is just the beginning. 

The interactive Discover! Kindergarten kit includes a complete hands-on kindergarten program focused on four core subjects: science, math, social studies, and reading.  Discover! Kindergarten engages the student through investigation, hands-on learning, activities that integrate the arts, STEM and a focus on literacy. Pacing and Instructor Guides are included for each subject, making it easy for parents and filled with discovery for early learners.  

All courses include suggested pacing, extension activities, connections to literature, alternative assessment options, graphic organizers, and lesson connections.   

Your kindergarten kit includes: 


  • Math Kindergarten Curriculum Guide
  • Math Literature Connections Set including:
    • The Grouchy Ladybug
    • The Action of Subtraction
    • The Greedy Triangle
    • Spaghetti and Meatballs for All!
    • Chicka Chicka 123
  • Demme Learning Math-U-See Primer Universal Set

Social Studies  

  • Social Studies Kindergarten Curriculum Guide  
  • Social Studies Literature-Based Course including:
    • Cleversticks 
    • Different Just Like Me 
    • America Is… 
    • Celebrating Patriotic Holidays 
    • Looking at Maps and Globes 
    • Where Do I Live?
    • What is Government? 
    • Rules and Laws 
    • Follow the Money
    • Lily Learns About Wants and Needs 
    • No Rules for Rex (Digital Book)


  • Science Kindergarten Curriculum Guide  
  • Savvas Elevate Kindergarten Homeschool Bundle  

Phonics and reading  

  • English Language Arts Kindergarten Curriculum Guide  
  • Teach Your Children to Read Well Step-by-Step Teaching Guide 
  • Teach Your Children to Read Well Student Workbook  
  • Teach Your Children to Read Well Student Reader  

All subjects are supported through a membership to the Bridgeway Learning Center offering an exclusive expanded online resource including access to related Elephango lessons from, additional downloadable worksheets, and creative ideas that make learning come alive. 

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