Art Core 3, Intermediate Level, Drawing with Graded Graphite Pencils from ARTistic Pursuits


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This Intermediate Level course builds on the drawing skills introduced in theĀ Beginning Level drawing course, Core 1.

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Students advance in their understanding of the foundational principles of art while exploring the ideas of Western and Eastern cultures. The elements of art and compositional arrangements studied in art around the world, give students a broader experience with art concepts.

Nine video lessons aid students in working independently as they learn drawing techniques and handy tips about being an artist; they then apply those ideas to their own unique works of art.

Twenty-seven text lessons broaden the scope of learning on the following ways:

  • Students learn to use graded pencils as they advance from line drawing to full tonal drawing with cast shadows and reflected light, lending more realism to the look of their artworks.
  • Students see the elements of art in Master artworks while looking at World Art and learn about the artists and their cultures.
  • Students incorporate new techniques and processes for drawing into artworks exploring subjects of animals, still life, landscape, and figures.


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ARTistic Pursuits teachs the whole subject of art so you can relax. Featuring art instruction, art history, and art technique in a homeschool art program that encourages creative participation.

Each text lesson is complete with:
-a child-friendly story of a culture or master artist
-a master artwork to ponder, explore, and discuss
-a project suited to your young artist's abilities and interests while broadening skills and development
-video lessons throughout the course show children how to use the art materials

For grades K-12.

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