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“Mathematics is the supreme judge; from its decisions there is no appeal.” — Tobias Dantzig, Mathematician

There may be multiple ways to get to the solutions, but the answers are concrete. There is no talking your way out of a wrong answer in math. Daily Math Practice Grade 4 from Evan-Moor supplies your students with the best way to learn and practice what they need to be successful in mathematics!

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Daily Math Practice Grade 4 from Evan-Moor supplies your students with the best way to learn and practice what they need to be successful in mathematics! Use this workbook to expand their knowledge as they grow and understand the ways of math. This workbook is the foundation you need to teach your children math knowledge they will use for life.

Daily Math Practice covers:

  • Operations strategies
  • Algebraic reasoning
  • Measurement and data
  • Geometry
  • Word problems

Some topics specific to Daily Math Practice Grade 4 are:

  • Factors
  • Relationship symbols
  • Money
  • Perimeter
  • Shapes
  • Place value
  • Division with remainders
  • Symmetry

Students complete five short math problems on the first four days. On day five, they are asked to think critically as they practice what they’ve learned. The reproducible format and additional teacher resources give you everything you need to help students master and retain basic math skills at the fourth-grade level.

Help your student with math by getting them Daily Math Practice Grade 4 from Evan-Moor. Order today from Curriculum Express!

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