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Daily Paragraph Editing Grade 6 from Evan-Moor will increase your students’ wisdom and understanding as their knowledge of grammar and writing excels through this workbook.

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Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.” — Proverbs 3:13 NIV

Daily Paragraph Editing Grade 6 from Evan-Moor will increase your students’ wisdom and understanding as their knowledge of grammar and writing excels through this workbook. Daily Paragraph Editing Grade 6 covers:

  • Capitalization
  • Language usage
  • Punctuation: apostrophes
  • Punctuation: commas
  • Punctuation: periods
  • Punctuation: quotation marks
  • Other types of punctuation
  • Spelling

Daily Paragraph Editing Grade 6 extras include:

  • Reproducible student language handbook that provides simple, clear rules and examples of their application to guide students in correct use of the mechanics, grammar, and spelling skills covered in the daily paragraphs
  • Page of reproducible proofreading marks that models the standard markings used to correct and edit text
  • Editing checklist to guide students in reviewing and revising their own writing or that of a peer
  • Assessment sheet for teachers to critique their student’s writing

Use this workbook to expand your children’s wisdom as they bring glory to their Creator. Buy your copy of Daily Paragraph Editing Grade 6 from Evan-Moor today!

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