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In Math Unit 9 (Pace 1081), students will learn congruent and similar polygons, plotting the points of the vertices of a polygon on a coordinate plane, calculating the perimeter of polygons, using formulas to find perimeters, circumference, and the area of shapes, and to find the surface area of certain shapes. The character trait is reverence. This unit is one in a series of twelve colorful independent study mastery-based units of instruction and includes direct instruction to the student as well as all necessary quizzes and tests.


You’ve come a long way from teaching your child to count on fingers and toes, but there is still a ways to go. Teaching math does not need to be scary or complicated!

The ACE 7th Grade Math Curriculum from Accelerated Christian Education has Scripture as its foundation, fully integrating biblical principles, wisdom, and character-building concepts into education. Students move at their own speed through the self-instructional “PACE” workbooks. Quizzes and tests are included.

The ACE 7th Grade Math Curriculum includes all 7th grade Math PACEs (1073-1084). Answer keys sold separately.

In these PACEs, your student will:

  • Read, write, and work with whole and mixed numbers, integers, and common fractions
  • Learn the proper mathematical terminology — dividend, multiplicand, product, simplify, minuend, quotient, numerator, and denominator
  • Learn how to change fractions and decimals to percent;
  • Learn how to find the number when a percent is known
  • Learn data and graphs, mean, mode, median, range, rank, and read
  • Be introduced to business and consumer arithmetic — profit and loss, commission, discounts, bills and receipts, and invoices with discounts
  • Learn ratio, proportions and percent
  • Study business methods needed to function at home — keeping cash and household accounts, budgets, insurance, and the reading of gas and electric meters
  • Learn about banking — savings and checking accounts, deposits, interest, and loans
  • Review English and metric units of length, volume, weight, and temperature
  • Review basic geometry concepts and symbols
  • Use a protractor and compass to find perimeter and area of shapes and solids
  • Be introduced to equations — variable, sets, and set notation
  • Learn vocabulary, symbols and word problems
  • Be encouraged in character development through examples given in each PACE

In Math Unit 9 (Pace 1081) 4th edition, students will:

  • Learn to calculate the area of irregular shapes
  • Use a formula to find the area of a circle
  • Use formulas to find the circumference of a circle
  • Review calculating the perimeter of polygons
  • Learn the character trait of reverence

Count on it! You can teach your child math with the ACE 7th Grade Math Course from Accelerated Christian Education. Order today from Curriculum Express!

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Accelerated Christian Education offers individualized homeschool core curriculum from preschool through college preparatory levels in Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Spelling and Vocabulary, as well as various electives for all grade levels.

Self-Instructed Program--No Lesson Plan Required!

The ACE curriculum program is one of the most easily administered programs available to homeschooling parents. The program is self-instructional for the student, and requires almost no preparation time on the part of the parent. Instead, the primary job of the parent is supervising, motivating, and grading the tests completed by the student. There are no lesson plans to prepare with this program!

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Integrated into each course are Biblical truths and character-building principles that provide the Christian homeschooling student with a strong grounding in the Bible. A non-denominational program, ACE avoids specific doctrines and instead focuses on the truths evident in Scripture. Students are challenged to be honest, to have integrity, to encourage one another, to respond with respect, and much more.

Student Becomes Master

Each Accelerated Christian Education text is broken down into 12 colorful workbook-style units of study that are presented with a mastery approach. Therefore, students not only receive initial instruction but review each skill and/or principle several times to ensure mastery and retention.

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