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Teach your children to spell using a number of different learning styles! With Level 1 Student Workbook by AVKO’s Sequential Spelling, you will be providing your children with the best foundation to start spelling.


Practice spelling through every learning style! AVKO’s Sequential Spelling teaches word families through Auditory (hearing the word), Visual (seeing the correct word), Kinesthetic (tracing the correct word), and Oral (saying the word) channels. Level 1 Student Workbook introduces spelling and reading skills to students. Recommended for students at a 2nd grade spelling level, the workbook allows students to write their answers in a book as they learn from the teacher’s guide.

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1 review for Sequential Spelling Level 1 Workbook

  1. Lisa Nehring

    Sequential Spelling is what took my very bright boy from horrible to successful and confident speller! Spelling lists are presented to the student and then reviewed in a way that allows the student to see, hear and write misspelled words correctly. This is curriculum that allows your student to succeed; highly recommended!

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Sequential Spelling has been described as "the best spelling program in the world, indeed the only spelling program that really works!" For almost 40 years, home educators and parents supplementing their children’s classroom instruction have proven that the approach taken by Sequential Spelling works.

Spelling for Everyone

Sequential Spelling works for dyslexic learners, struggling spellers, and children who are gifted. Sequential Spelling is intended to build on itself as the student develops mastery and confidence. Sequential Spelling’s goal is to provide the highest-quality language arts curricula for students educating at home.

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