Bible Comes Alive Volume 2 by Your Story Hour®


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These wonderful, fully-dramatized recordings bring the Bible to life by realistically portraying your favorite Old and New Testament Stories. Complete with sound effects and music

Great for the whole family!


The second in a five-album series of Bible stories. The stories start with the Israelites in the desert and conclude with David running for his life from King Saul. Other Bible characters included in this album are Miriam, Baalam, Achan, Joshua, Gideon, Samson, Ruth, Samuel, Jonathan, and the giant Goliath.

Bible Comes Alive Volume 2 includes 24 stories:

  • Dangers In The Desert
  • The Ten Commandments
  •  Miriam The Great
  •  The Man Of Patience
  • The Unfaithful Prophet Part 1
  • The Unfaithful Prophet Part 2
  • The Thief Who Defeated An Army
  • The Longest Day In History
  • Conquering Canaan
  • Mighty Gideon
  • The Champion Of Champions
  • The Story Of Ruth
  • The Wayward Sons
  • The Youngest Priest
  • Two Battles At Aphek
  • The Tall, Strong And Handsome Young Man
  • King Saul Saves A City
  • The Crown Prince On A Secret Mission
  • The Boy And The Giant
  • The Deadly Plot
  • The Sword Of Goliath
  • David Escapes
  •  King Saul And A Cave
  • A Wicked Rich Man

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Your Story Hour believes that children are an invaluable and precious component of families, communities, and nations. In today's world, positive role models utilizing beneficial decision-making strategies are scarce.  Children can be inspired to make sound choices by exposure to dramatized stories evidencing the positive results of developing character traits such as honesty, integrity, courage, and faith. Your Story Hour exists to provide children with this exposure.

Positive Lessons

Your child will not easily forget the impression made and the lessons learned as they listen to these exciting stories, enabling them to build a foundation of spiritual sensitivity, high achievement, and responsible citizenship. Some of the life lessons learned are standing for right, unselfish love, keeping a promise, and teenage peer pressure.

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