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English I: Language Skills, from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum, prepares students for post-high school studies and careers that require strong communication skills.

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Texting, typing, and telephoning, despite the advent of “txt-speak,” still require polished language skills for effective, God-honoring communications!

English I: Language Skills, from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum, prepares students for post-high school studies and careers that require strong communication skills. Paradigm high school English is available in a seamless program that begins with English I and continues through English IV. Every grade level (I through IV) focuses on interpretation and development of writing styles, character, and wisdom.

English I: Language Skills builds on skills learned in English Grammar Skills (EGS, eighth grade) by reviewing the parts of speech and their application.

Students read and evaluate literature carefully selected to expose students to noble ideals and writing techniques that equip them to craft strong sentences and paragraphs, becoming effective wordsmiths skilled in expressing high ideals and beliefs through:

  • Poems
  • Letters
  • Essays
  • Narratives
  • Editorials
  • Articles
  • Speeches
  • Allegories
  • Research papers

Students gain experience writing pieces that inform, entertain, persuade, and challenge.

Students address literary concepts such as:

  • Cause and effect
  • Logic
  • Premises
  • Comparison
  • Contrasts

Paradigm English courses use the vignette approach to inspire students towards noble character and life purpose. Students enhance vocabulary, build moral character, and gain insight on how to make wise life choices.

FULL COURSE KIT contains Texts, Activities, and Teacher’s Resource Kit

Craft your child’s communication skills in a God-honoring, practical way with English I: Language Skills, from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum! Order today from Curriculum Express!

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Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum textbooks are a terrific option for homeschool students or private, charter, and alternative schools seeking a self-instructional learning program that is both engaging and comprehensive.

Benefits of a Correspondence Format

With Paradigm, students receive essential instruction in a correspondence format that requires little teacher interaction. In addition, the Paradigm correspondence format allows students to move through the curriculum as rapidly or as slowly as needed to ensure mastery.

Engaging, Individualized Learning

Each course is broken down into manageable lessons that are designed to teach not only the academic concepts, but also character, confidence, and competency. Each course is designed for individualized learning and allows the homeschool student to advance as rapidly as desired or as slowly as necessary to master the material. Using conversational teaching and vignettes of various historical figures and events, Paradigm courses engage students, enabling them to relate to the instruction while building knowledge and developing key skills.

What Paradigm Offers

Designed to meet the needs of under-performing or under-challenged middle school to high school students, Paradigm offers the following courses for students in grades 7 to 12: Basic Science Mysteries (non-math-heavy science), Natural Science Mysteries (non-math-heavy science), Integrated Physics and Chemistry I & II (non-math-heavy science), Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, English Grammar Skills, English I Language Skills, English II & III (with a focus on writing and composition), English IV, Literature and Philosophy, Basic Math Skills, Intermediate Math Skills, Industrial Skills and Careers, US History I & II, and World Geography.

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