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Exploring Creation with Chemistry from Apologia is a first-year high school chemistry course that gives your student a rigorous foundation in chemistry. This two-book set includes the student text and the tests and solutions manual.


What can be more fascinating than studying God’s Creation, especially from a Biblical worldview? The award-winning high school chemistry course, Exploring Creation with Chemistry by Apologia, is now better than ever! This revised edition offers more in-depth discussions and explanations of concepts, as well as biographical sketches of Christian scientists who have made a difference in the field while giving the glory to God. This course provides a fun but rigorous foundation in chemistry to prepare your child for college-level studies.

This two-book set includes:

  • Student text
  • Tests
  • Solutions Manual

Topics include:

  • Significant figures
  • Units
  • Classification
  • The mole concept
  • Stoichiometry
  • Thermochemistry
  • Thermodynamics
  • Kinetics
  • Acids and basics
  • Redox reactions
  • Solutions
  • Atomic structure
  • Lewis structures
  • Molecular geometry
  • Gas laws
  • Equilibrium

Experiments include:

  • Measuring specific heat
  • Discovering the electrical conductivity of compounds dissolved in water
  • Measuring the width of a molecule
  • Exploring freezing
  • Point depression
  • Using the ideal gas equation
  • Recognizing the effects of catalysts, and much more

Math Prerequisite: Algebra 1

Explore the marvelous, beneficial complexities of God’s Creation with Exploring Creation with Chemistry Book Set by Apologia. Order from Curriculum Express today!

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1 review for Chemistry Book Set from Apologia

  1. Holly Morgan

    A colorful and engaging text, combined with the optional purchased notebook, makes this the best college-prep chemistry course out there, as students will be constantly interacting with the concepts taught in the text via the notebook. The experiments are awesome and really make the concepts come alive. For students who struggle, there is even an optional CD with vocabulary, multi-media and video clips to help with the more difficult concepts. All around, this is a very solid program!

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Apologia Science, created specifically for home educators, is built on a creationist foundation and is written in a conversational style that takes the complexities of science and breaks them down into understandable instruction. This experiment-rich curriculum gives students the hands-on projects necessary to take science from concept to reality as they perform the many experiments outlined at each level.

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