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In Americana, students will read nonfiction stories about American history and culture while learning to spell new words in an interesting context. online spelling curriculum, spelling learning books, spelling learning online, spelling writing activities.

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Americana continues the Skill Development Stage. Students will read nonfiction stories about American history and culture.

The Americana:

  • Features nonfiction stories about American history and culture.
  • Involves the three core activities for Spelling You See:
    • Chunking – provides hands-on experience with the many irregular letter patterns in English
    • Copy work – requires the brain to pay attention to details in print
    • Dictation – gives an opportunity for student to demonstrate decoding and encoding in a meaningful context
  • Gradually increases in reading level, providing opportunities for vocabulary development and allowing students to learn how to spell words in an interesting context.
  • Includes 36 weekly lessons divided between two books; each lesson has five parts, A through E.
  • Has daily activities consisting of two facing pages.
  • Includes erasable colored pencils with the Student Pack.

This Americana Universal Set includes:

  • Level D: Americana Student Workbook Part I, 183 pages, softcover.
  • Level D: Americana Student Workbook Part II, 183 pages, softcover. Both are consumable, non-reproducible workbooks.
  • Instructor’s Handbook, 52 pages with glossary, softcover, 9.25″ x 8″.
  • One set of Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils (set of 10).

Please take the Readiness Assessment if you are unsure is your student is ready for this course.

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Spelling You See's carefully designed approach empowers instructors (parents, teachers, and tutors) to help students develop skills and confidence in spelling through an effective, engaging, low-stress learning experience. Developing confidence in spelling skills contributes to developing effective written communication skills, which are important for success in higher education and adult life. Also, this successful approach can foster a student’s lifelong love of learning that transfers to all subject areas.
The Learning Format
Spelling You See’s consistent format guides students through the five essential activities: listening, reading, chunking, copywork, and dictation (presented at the appropriate developmental stage). These activities help students transfer the correct spellings of common words they see in print to long-term memory, enabling them to eventually be able to reproduce the correct spellings in their everyday writing. Lessons are limited to short daily sessions to keep interest and enthusiasm high. There are no word lists to memorize and no weekly tests. Spelling You See is a program based on years of research into how students learn to spell. Students become effective communicators as they grasp the proper spelling of words in the English language.

Please take the Readiness Assessment if you are unsure what course your student should take. Click here to view the different levels of Spelling You See.

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