7th Grade Writing and Grammar Kit (4th Edition) from BJU Press


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Writing and Grammar 7 guides students toward formulating a biblical worldview of communication through writing by focusing on four themes: truth, beauty, virtue, and balance. This course leads students to become creators as they learn how to apply grammar skills to their writing.

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The common use of “txt-speak”, sound bites, and other shortcuts does not eliminate the need for your child to learn proper writing and grammar skills! Writing & Grammar 7 (4th Edition) from BJU Press presents clear instruction in writing and grammar, including an overview of the Writing Process and many focused writing activities. The seventh-grade English curriculum covers:

  • All eight parts of speech
  • The five basic sentence patterns
  • Usage concepts such as agreement
  • Mechanics
  • Adjective clauses
  • Complex sentences

Writing projects include:

  • Biographical sketch
  • In-class essay
  • Letter to the editor
  • Book report
  • Poetry

Writing & Grammar 7 Student Worktext includes:

  • Dictionary skills
  • Library skills
  • Study skills
  • Overview of the Writing Process

The Writing & Grammar 7 Teacher’s Edition features:

  • Reduced pages of the Student Text with overprinted answers
  • Lesson plans
    • Identifying key objectives
    • Guiding students through the Writing Process
    • Ways to present the English grammar concepts
    • Teaching schedules
    • Inductive teaching
    • Scriptural applications

Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s Edition
  • Student Worktext
  • Tests
  • Tests Answer Key

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Utilizing critical thinking and hands-on learning, BJU Press curriculum is a standout in Christian homeschool education, from preschool through 12th grade.

A Christian Worldview

BJU Press curriculum is written from a Christian worldview, with curriculum that includes critical thinking and hands-on learning.

A Flexible, Organized Way to Learn

BJU Press curriculum gives you complete control over how your child completes the work. The flexible program allows you to adjust grades and schedules and adapt the curriculum according to your child's unique needs.

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