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What better way to engage students in the study of science than through a science lab? Both schools and homeschoolers love this compact kit that provides everything they need to make science come alive for their students. This kit includes the instructions and materials for 28 different biology lab experiments as well as a box of specimens. Also included is a Biology Lab Manual with detailed instructions for each lab and textbook correlations to many major textbook publishers to make it easy to determine when to use each lab with your course.


Simply learning about the life forms God created from a book just doesn’t quite do it. Your child needs to delve more deeply into biology by delving more deeply into actual living organisms! What child would not be fascinated by that? The Quality Science Labs Biology Lab Kit provides the hands-on laboratory component of a biology course.

The QSL Biology Lab Kit was designed to make teaching and preparation very convenient. Included in the kit is virtually everything needed (except perishables and a microscope), plus a 275-page manual that explains each experiment in detail.


10X magnifying glass
150 ml beaker
Blank slides
Concave slides
Cotton swabs
Cover slips
Dialysis tubing
Dissection kit
Dissection tray (plastic reusable)
Graduated pipet
Iodine stain
Lens paper
Liquid starch
Methylene blue
Red food coloring
Rubber bands
Slide case
Tie string

Prepared slides:

3 types of bacteria
Horse ascaris
Onion root tip
Monocot-/dicot stem

Preserved specimens:

Cow eye
Fetal pig
Fish (perch)

For ages 14 and up. Only use with adult supervision.

Coordinated with texts by:

  • A Beka
  • ACE Ministries
  • Alpha Omega
  • Apologia (Wile)
  • BJU (Bob Jones University)
  • Christian Light
  • Glencoe Science
  • Prentice Hall

Explore the wonders of God’s living Creation with The Quality Science Labs Biology Lab Kit. Order from Curriculum Express today!

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Quality Science Labs makes practical science affordable for schools and homeschoolers. With kits aligned to top science publishers and textbooks (including Apologia, BJU Press, ACE, and AOP), teachers and parents can provide that extra edge to students seeking a science lab to correlate with instruction.

Affordable Learning That's Fun

Designed to be used up to five times, Quality Science Labs enables schools and parents to teach science on a budget and ensure that students have everything they need to perform the experiments that make learning fun and enjoyable.

Teaching Made Easy for Homeschool Parents

These innovative science lab kits for homeschools and small schools are academically sound and "ready to go." The labs help to make teaching science easy regardless of the parent, instructor, or teacher’s experience or science background.

Which Topics Are Covered?

Quality Science Labs titles include Earth Science, Micro Physical Science, Biology, Micro Chemistry, Organic Chemistry Add-on (to enhance Micro-Chemistry), Advanced Micro-Chemistry for AP level, and Physics.

About the Science Labs

Each lab is teacher- and instructor-friendly since they're quick and easy to set up and clean up. Plus, any clean table can serve as a laboratory. Well-written, step-by-step instruction manuals guide you and your students through real science experiments that help them better understand science topics. The labs are a cost-effective way to provide a real hands-on laboratory. Best of all, the labs make science teaching accessible and achievable by just about anyone.

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