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In this engaging worktext-based program, your highschooler will study key chemistry topics such as basic chemical units, gases, chemical formulas and reactions, atomic models, carbon chemistry, and more. A teacher’s guide is included.

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Do you remember the popular phrase, “Better living through chemistry”? All of those little atoms and molecules add up to form everything in the universe. We have the formula for better living through understanding chemistry!

The Chemistry curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications was designed with homeschool parents in mind! Ten engaging worktexts teach your highschooler key chemistry topics such as:

  • Basic chemical units
  • Gases
  • Chemical formulas and reactions
  • Atomic models
  • Carbon chemistry
  • Observation and hypothesizing
  • Compounds and mixtures
  • Gas laws
  • The kinetic theory
  • Nuclear reactions
  • Chemical reactions
  • Solutions
  • Hydrocarbons

A teacher’s guide is included that consists of:

  • General teaching resources
  • Detailed teaching notes
  • Complete answer keys (including solutions)
  • Alternate tests
  • A complete list of required science equipment
  • Additional resources, activities, and experiments

Full-color, step-by-step worktexts, that can be finished in three to four weeks, include:

  • Daily instruction
  • Review questions
  • Captivating hands-on experiments
  • Self tests
  • Consistent reviews
  • Interesting illustrations
  • Easy-to-follow learning activities

Explore the genius of God’s Creation in a fun, practical way with the Chemistry curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications! Order today from Curriculum Express!

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1 review for Chemistry Complete Set from Alpha Omega Publications

  1. Beth Knerr

    In depth study of Chemistry prepares students for college level courses. Broken down into ten Lifepacs, the student is easily able to maintain a steady pace throughout the course.

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Designed for independent learning, the Alpha-Omega curriculum is ideal for Christian schools as well as correspondence and home education.

Choices for Christian Schools and Families

LIFEPAC, Horizons, and Switched-On Schoolhouse, are popular choices from Alpha Omega. This complete, easy-to-use, 12-year Christian curriculum includes five core subject areas and a variety of electives to meet the varied academic needs of your students. A work-text format, Alpha Omega is ideal for students seeking a correspondence-style curriculum. Courses are divided into 10 work-texts or units per subject per year. Each work-text delivers all of the instruction needed as well as interactive activities, quizzes, and tests that enable students to process what they are learning.

Bible-Inspired Critical Thinking

In order to build independent thinkers, students are also challenged to apply critical thinking and analysis skills to material as they work through each course. This analysis is also applied to Biblical instruction as Scripture and Biblical principles are integrated throughout each course, allowing students to apply Biblical principles to everyday learning.

Complete and Convenient Education

Students will enjoy this motivating curriculum that provides a sense of accomplishment as each unit or work-text is completed. Parents and teachers love how easy it is to “take school with you” and stay on track while traveling or committed to other activities.

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